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15 Jun 2017

Introducing our Hybrid Mail Solution…GraffitiMail!

GraffitiMail is an easy new way of sending your physical mail, straight from your computer, to your customers and prospects.

GraffitiMail e-Shot Image

Your mail is produced right away at the click of a mouse… we take care of the printing, production and postage of your letter allowing you to consolidate these costs into one simple and cheaper payment.

The system is simple to use and perfect for sending out personalised letters, invoices, direct marketing etc.

No need to stock printed letterheads or costly envelopes!

This efficient system makes your mailings quick and easy whilst saving you money on print and postage and reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously.

To learn more about GraffitiMail as a Hybrid Mail Solution and to find out how you could benefit from using the service, contact or call us on 0330 024 3001.