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Offline Pressure Sealers

Processing pressure seal forms using 'Off-Line' Pressure Sealers require the forms to be printed separately by a laser printer. The forms are then left for a short period to cool before then being transferred to the 'Offline' pressure sealer. The forms are then manually loaded by the operator to be folded and sealed ready for distribution. These stand alone machines are also ideal for use as a back up system to larger 'In-Line' solutions for greater contingency where required.

Inline pressure sealers

'In-Line' Pressure Sealing makes the sealing process more reliable, faster and easier for the operator. The laser printer feeds the pressure seal forms directly into the Pressure Sealer where the forms are printed, folded and sealed in one simple operation.

This means that printing time is finishing time!

In-Line options are the usual choice when converting from Impact Printed Forms to Laser Printed Forms which increases productivity, reliability and also limits the manual intervention of the operators.