Electronic payslips reduce payroll cost, time and resource

Paper payslips are time consuming, can be costly to distribute and, by nature, not environmentally friendly. With GraffitiPay, there are significant time savings to be made not forgetting the fact that specialist payslip printing and sealing machines no longer need to be purchased and maintained.


Electronic payslip solution

The Benefits of GraffitiPay

Simple Fixed Costs

Fixed charges per employee per annum (irrespective of pay frequency).
Fixed Cost for User Licence.
No ‘Per Click’ charges.

Reduce Costs

Savings on manpower.
Substantial saving on print and distribution costs.
Reduce staff workload.
Reduction in print consumables and waste.


Encrypted whilst in transit and at rest on the server.
Only accessible with a private, user-defined password.
Flexible and allows additional levels of security to be added, if required.
Suitable for hot-desks and shared devices.

Audit Reporting

In-depth reporting of delivery statistics.
Access behaviour (who and when).
Log-ins and log-in attempts.

Go Greener

Switching to Epay represents a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect our planet.

For HR professionals

Communicating company-wide messages or specific messages of a sensitive nature can be hard to monitor when your workforce is large or scattered across multiple locations. Utilising the features of the electronic payslips portal ensures that messages are delivered and read by the intended recipient without the need for them to acknowledge receipt. The ePayslips portal automatically sends the employee a notification via SMS or email to let them know there is a new document waiting. The built-in audit reporting allows you to monitor the message’s progress during transit and will provide notification that the message has been opened and read. This can be important when proof of non-repudiation is required.

Whether you are sending employee handbooks, contracts, disciplinary notices, salary details, pension communications or performance reviews, you can be assured that your communication will be safely delivered to the employee’s electronic payslips portal, without fear of interception.

Benefits for the employer

  • Fast ROI
  • User-friendly
  • Improve your carbon footprint – less paper
  • Speed delivery of payslips to employees
  • Securely communicate with your staff
  • Upload employee specific docs
  • Provide other information to employees
  • Launch an employee self service solution
  • Protect against third party problems such as weather and postal strikes

Benefits for the employee

  • Faster delivery
  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Full access to all of your payslips in one place
  • Print and reprint payslips at leisure
  • eP60s and other PAYE documents available online


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