Simple costs, no need to change payroll software, no apps or special software required

GraffitiPay – ePayslips Solutions

Electronic payslips reduce payroll cost, time and resource

GraffitiPayIf you would like your employees to view/download their payslip online through a secure, encrypted, web-based portal, GraffitiPay is the perfect solution.

The user-friendly, Employee Self Service Portal, enables individuals to access their payslip and other documents online, anytime, anywhere each time electronic payslips, P60s or P11Ds are lodged.

Employees can view/download their PAYE documents as and when required. Access to their secure portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, reducing the need for reprints and reissues of payslips and PAYE documents by the Payroll Department.

Your employees login to the secure portal using a Unique ID and password and will have access to all PAYE documents that have been delivered; to view and/or download a copy of their documents without having to download any special software or use a specific mobile APP. Employees can also choose to print their documents if connected to a printer.

They can also, if they choose to, receive a notification via email to let them know a new document has been uploaded.

For the employer, there is no need to change your current Payroll Software as GraffitiPay works alongside your current system to provide fast, secure and auditable delivery of PAYE documents.

For the employee, accessing their online documents is a simple and secure task; there is no software to download and the solution can also be used by hotdesk users, shared computer users or those that have no email address. Providing they have internet access, a computing device, mobile phone, tablet or other device with which to access it, they are able to view their ePayslips online any time.

The cost savings of providing payslips online is visible within a very short time when considering the costs around your hardcopy process like print, consumables, stationery and especially postage costs, as well as the labour required to complete the task of printing and despatching payslips, P11Ds and P60s.

GraffitiPay, our secure, encrypted, electronic payslip solution, is ISO 27001 accredited, and also offers in-built audit reporting for track and trace of employee access.

Contact us today to learn more about providing payslips online via our secure ePayslips portal.

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Additional option



You can customise your electronic payslips solution to reflect the branding of your company. We provide two levels of branding: simple and bespoke.

This customisation will appear on your electronic payslips portal as well as automatically generated welcome communications and notifications. Every employee will see this branding when they access their payslip online.

If you have more than 250 employees, branding is included in your package as standard.