A secure, sustainable, cost effective solution of sending your physical mail straight from your computer



Our GraffitiMail solution is an easy way of printing, enveloping and posting your everyday mail straight from your computer without even leaving your desk.

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GraffitiMail provides you with a secure print driver that allows you to send documents such as letters, invoices and mailshots etc. direct to our secure mailing facility rather than your office printer.

You create your mailings as normal, but we will take away all the hard work of printing and enclosing your letters in to envelopes, leaving you and your staff time to focus on more valuable tasks.

No set up fees or licence costs, use GraffitiMail as often as you wish, sending one letter or several thousands at the click of a mouse button, and all this for less than the cost of a second class stamp (based on single document).




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GraffitiMail is a print driver that handles the preparation and delivery of your business communications in just a few clicks.

The print driver that we supply you with enables access to the GraffitiMail system through a robust encrypted link to our Secure FTP servers. You can view our GraffitiMail Security Features here.

By providing a free-to-install print driver, we give users the option to send their print files directly to our production facility.

Due to the high volumes of  post that we process everyday, we have access to postal discount rates that significantly reduce the costs of mailings. By consolidating your office mail into our production environment we are able to pass on these discounts to you, even if you only send a low volume of mail to us.

With no licence fee, our clients have made significant reductions in their postage costs and more importantly have been able to outsource the time-consuming process of manually printing and enclosing their post.

Because of the sensitive nature of much of the work that we do, we operate to the highest standards of data security, being accredited to ISO27001, the Information Security Standard, ensuring rigorous procedures are in place to manage physical access and the transfer storage of highly sensitive client data.


GraffitiMail uses a mix of electronic and traditional processes. Whatever documents you want to print and post there are 5 steps to get them delivered:-

  1. Upload the document you want to print and post
  2. Preview your pages
  3. Check your recipients
  4. Order – choose either black and white or colour print, first or second class delivery
  5. Additional Document – choose to add additional documents such as a flyer or information sheet etc.

GraffitiMail works by enabling users to send individual or multiple page letters and documents created on any computer to a central print site via the internet securely. The letters are printed, and sorted into mailsort order ready for posting.



Documents encrypted to 192 bit Triple DES using our print driver


No need for holdings of stationery, envelopes and print consumables


Included in the cost to ensure you maintain brand consistency


Benefit from having your mail printed, packed and posted from one location.
Benefit from having your mail printed, packed and posted from one location.


Your office mail can leverage the significant savings we generate


Not only paper, envelopes, ink and toner, but also energy supplies.
Not only paper, envelopes, ink and toner, but also energy supplies.


How do I know if my post has been mailed out?

We will supply you with a secure log in to our web portal and from there you can track the progress of your post – you can instantly see whether we have received your files, if we are processing them and when they are released into the postal system.

I want my letterhead to be on all pages in a set – is this possible?

Yes, you need to create a 7 page pdf (7 is the maximum number of pages in one envelope) each page with your letterhead on and upload this as a base stock. If you are using this for duplex you will need to interleave this with plain pages to create a 14 page document. This now means you will be able to send any size set and all pages will have the letterhead. (NB: If you only send a 2 page set it will just take the first 2 pages from the uploaded base letterhead).

Can I add a reverse to my background stock?

You need to create your background stock to include the reverse as page two. This will then be used when you submit a two page document (page 2 of your document should be blank). If your document is single page and you want the reverse to be printed then select the “Duplex” option and this will pad your document to two pages. With no background stock selected page two will be plain but with your background selected it will use the reverse as page two.

Can I tell how many documents I am submitting when doing a mail merge?

Once you have the Mail Merge option ticked the orange arrows at the head of the preview window will step you through your documents rather than pages. If you click on the double orange arrow then the number of documents you have split your mailing into will appear in the header bar of the window. If this number is not the same as the number of records in your database then you have done something wrong so please do not submit.

Can I use my existing pre-printed letterheads?

No, GraffitiMail provides a white paper solution. You can upload a high resolution image of your letterhead to the GraffitiMail system and we will print this on demand when you send you mail through to us. This has the advantage that you do not need to buy stock in advance, and you can amend or add new versions of your letterhead at any time.

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