State of the art biometric technology

Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric Time and Attendance






Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication (or realistic authentication) is used as a form of identification and access control.

Biometrics, have significant advantages:

lower imageThe individual entering secure areas is actually the person who has been given access

lower image Brings a company increased flexibility, no need for passwords

lower imageLower labour and administration costs

Incorporating Biometrics in Time and Attendance systems

Graffit Group can provide with a range of biometric devices to be used for time and attendance recording and access control identification. All Graffiti’s devices are multi-function and can be used with standard identification methods like fobs, cards and PIN as well as with biometrics methods using fingertips or face recognition.

Why use Biometric Technology?

Eliminates fraud

Enhanced Security

Lower administration & labour costs

Variety of solutions

Graffiti Group offers you a range of biometric devices that can be integrated to a Time and Attentance System, like SY Face 110, SY Face 940, SYnergy and Sygma Tablet Terminal depending on the needs of your business or organisation.