Secure access to your building...our advanced access control software works with the latest hardware to help you to manage your premises, staff and resources with ease.

Access Controlled Management

Web Based Access Controlled Management

All businesses, whether small, medium or large, have assets and staff that need to be protected. The Graffiti Access Control Management Module is a flexible working solution which simplifies the complex task of managing an access control system with numerous users and multiple readers.

Access Control Management


As a first class member of the Graffiti Access And Attendance (Graffiti AAA) software Suite this module can be integrated with the core Graffiti Time and Attendance module for a truly effective holistic workforce management solution.

This module is especially useful in a dynamic and ever expanding access control environment in which readers are added or moved and access definitions constantly change. The module does this by defining security groups, in which definitions of all of the parameters pertaining to limited access domains are inserted according to time zones and date, assigning of access card(s) to each group(s).

Key features:

A web based system (with HTTPS), real time monitoring, scalable, add to systems easily, integrate other building systems, supports unlimited time zones and security groups, anti pass back, connect multiple sites using TPC/IP protocol, access control report suite, internal/external door management, proximity, magnetic, mifare, HID and facial recognition.


• Cost effective implementation
• Prevention of unauthorized access
• Robust and elegant construction
• Fully functional web based software
• Records and reports all access control activity
• Easy to expand and future proof
• Enforces security procedures implementation
• Powerful audit tool for investigation of events

Who use it?

Small/Medium premises, Large corporate premises, Multiple-site premises, Government buildings, Universities/Colleges, Sports clubs, Factory and industrial complexes, Car parks, Nursing Homes etc.